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A Few of Their Favorite Things: History Podcasters Share Their Favorite Episodes

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

The end of the year usually brings with it a lot of lists proclaiming to gather the Best Of something, and in recent years this has increasingly begun to include podcasts. I admit, I always check these lists just like I read tweets and reviews of podcasts, because I like to know what listeners think - but I always end up thinking about how I also want to know what podcasters think. To find out, I went where I always go, social media. I tweeted to the community of history podcasters and asked them to tell me their favorite episode of their own show. Since no one (really, no one) will ever be a harsher critic of a podcast than its creator, and the process of making an episode is very different from the experience of listening to one, a podcaster is bound to have a unique view of their content.

In response to my tweet I received a great array of submissions. I have not vetted the episodes submitted (though, naturally, I said they could not contain anything hateful), nor will I comment on them. My only objective here is to provide you, dear Reader, with a pure list so that you can either find new history podcasts to enjoy or return to episodes you've already heard with a new perspective created by the knowledge that the podcaster loves it. May you listen to many new things and discover all sorts of joys.

And, to the podcasters who tweeted to me with your episodes: thank you for all the hard work you do creating content. I know how hard you work and I am happy to lift you up whenever I have the opportunity.

Podcasters' Favorite Episodes


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