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About Christine

Christine Caccipuoti (pronounced Kass-uh-pew-tee) is a New York-based podcaster, historian, writer, and performer, which means she loves telling stories and exploring the world through any and all available mediums.

Christine obtained her BA and MA in history from Fordham University, and has trained in voice and acting continuously from the age of twelve. Her years of performing have resulted in being a member of both SAG-AFTRA and AEA.

In 2013, Christine entered into the world of podcasting as a founding member of Footnoting History, a short-form history podcast that focuses on the obscure and intriguing. She currently serves as the podcast's Co-Producer, handler of all things social media, and resident Bonaparte (as in, Napoleon) enthusiast.

Her first short story, "London, 1803", was published in The First Line in 2015. It, and every other piece selected, began with the sentence, "Fairy tales hardly ever come true for quiet girls". Since then, she has written in a variety of genres for places like 365 Women a Year, The Honest Actors' Blog, Strategy Girl, and Oxford's American National Biography.

Christine Caccipuoti with mirror reflection
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