Christine Caccipuoti
  • November 2021: Christine spoke at the 36th Annual Conference on Medievalism on the topic "From The Lion in Winter to Empire: Medieval history and pop culture interpretations of the family of Henry II of England."

  • July 2021: Christine was a guest on the podcast Tales from the Fandom, talking about the television series The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. You can listen to it here

  • February 2021: Christine was a guest on the podcast Thank You, Five, talking about the musical Les Misérables. You can find it here: Part I and Part II.

  • October 2020: Independent Scholars Meet the World: Expanding Academia beyond the Academy, a collection of essays about being an academic outside of the college or university that Christine co-edited with Elizabeth Keohane-Burbridge, is now available from University Press of Kansas.